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Let me tell you my story

I finished my PhD working 4 hours a day

You might be thinking: who is this Clara, and why does she think she can help me? I am a mother, a wife, a Musicologist with a PhD, a pianist, and a cello player. I speak fluently five languages and I intend to learn one more soon. I love drawing, painting and exercising. But, besides all this, I am a writer. I've always been, but it took me a long time to be aware of it. I can help you, because, believe me, I've been there: stucked, frustrated, lost and lonely.

After seven years stucked with my PhD, I managed to finish it in six months, working only four hours a day. I didn't choose that amount of time. It was the only I had. When my son was 9 month old I recieved a warning from the University: I had only 6 months left to finish my dissertation. So I decided to look for a kindergarten and 4 hours were the most we could afford. Simple as that. I felt like Indiana Jones running for his life and getting the stone doors closed right behind him (minute 1:10). But I did it. And that pressure was the best that could have happened to me.

Now, when I look back I realize that I could've done things differently. It is not really necessary to go through all that stress to actually finish the darn book. In my case there where two volumes (400 pages each). Take a look at the picture my dad took the day after the defense. I don't even look happy! I was just tired and empty. I felt so light without the burden I had been carrying for seven years that I felt I could fly (or faint, most probably).

So, if you want to learn how to do it, but without all the pain and the suffering, you've come to the right place. All the techniques I share with my students come from a careful analysis of my own researcher and writer experience. Now I apply them to my writing work and for the first time in years I'm genuily happy. You can be too, it's not that difficult, once you get to know how the writing process really works.

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